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Interview with Ryan Almighty, Human Blood Artist painting with Charles Manson’s Cremated Remains

Interview with Ryan Almighty, Human Blood Artist painting with Charles Manson’s Cremated Remains

Rock n Roll World Magazine recently interviewed Ryan Almighty, a human blood artist, who is currently painting a portrait of Charles Manson, including his ashes. Caution, the video does show human blood painting, and Charles Manson’s cremated remains, if this disturbs you, do not watch.

      Prior to beginning this interview, let me apologize for the video quality. When Rock n Roll World Magazine traveled to interview Ryan Almighty, we had encounter probably what I would consider to date some of our strangest experiences during an interview. Before any interview I do what any one does, charge all batteries completely, charge back ups, and test all of the gear to ensure that there are no technical difficulties.
     We had traveled to, and met Ryan at his studio, while setting up our main video gear, all systems showed a complete one hundred percent charge. Immediately after my introduction, and introducing Ryan, our main video camera had gone from one hundred percent, to four percent, to dead. Being a prepared professional, I switched to my back up camera, that battery had pretty much completely died as quick as the video camera had. Switching to back up battery, it went from a complete charge, down to twenty five percent, giving us just enough time to get the interview done. Through out the interview you can hear my phone ring, and my face looks surprised, I turn my phone to silent during interviews. After filming Ryan painting the portrait with Manson’s ashes we left for the long voyage to Tock n Roll World Magazine’s headquarters. Admittedly, I was quite pissed off, if there is one thing I do, it is usually over prepare. I start to check out the video gear during the ride, it was showing a complete charge, I even filmed the hour long ride with it, with no issues. Checking the other camera’s battery statuses, they to were showing near full charges.  Usually, I do not subscribe to super natural theories, nor am I saying that Charles Manson came to mess with us through out the interview. Perhaps it was the fact that so many planets were in retrograde that day, maybe we were near some heavy duty power lines, and maybe there was spiritual intervention at play.
     Check out the entire interview, Ryan adding the ashes of Charles Manson into the painting is inserted through out it. We had spoke to Ryan about how he acquired the cremated remains, his intentions with the finished project, what exactly the project entails.

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