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“That mix of pleasant pop and hard-rock dynamics, this stuff is so slick and well-constructed. Very impressive.” –
Doug Brod – former editor of Spin Magazine – MusicNation
“Ziggy meets Marc Bolan outside Max’s Kansas City. Makes me want to break out some sequined leggings and spit on the sidewalk. Space-age modern-age glam nostalgia.”” – Amanda Palmer of The Dresden Dolls – MusicNation


Dallas, TX | August 28, 2017 – Propelling the entire world into a melodic vortex, Marquis of Vaudevilleemits an extraordinary sound that spirals listeners on an utterly imaginative, musical merry-go-round. With imagination at its core, their theatrical flair intertwines progressive, carnival-esque, punk-cabaret stylings with timeworn elements of the old world and newfangled innovation. Dubbing their sound and style as “melodic mischief,” the band is thrilled to announce their forthcoming album, The Tragic Valentine,due out this Halloween via Knotwright Lane Records. Fans can catch the band this weekend at Dragon*Con (Atlanta) performing tracks from their highly-anticipated album. Tickets can be found here. The Tragic Valentine was produced by the members of Marquis of Vaudeville, engineered and mixed by Bryan Geddie and Marquis of Vaudeville, and mastered by Derek Taylor.

The band had this to say about the new record:
“The Tragic Valentine is essentially a tragic love story told through 13 songs – somewhat our own ‘Romeo and Juliet,’ with elements of mystery, magic, intrigue, & revolution. Although each song has an underlying theme that fits within the story, they also stand alone with their own individual meaning. The story ties in with the hourglass symbol that we’ve put together for the album cover (Artist: Senyphine). It represents love/loss, life/death, light/dark.”
Off the forthcoming album, comes “The Dreaming,” a song depicting the human desire to find the love of one’s life veiled behind a telling of The Sandman. The band continues by stating:
“Picture two people, thousands of miles apart, staring up at the stars in the night sky and dreaming of finding one another, but never having met. Each knows the other is out there – but how to find them?  This song is also a nod to the work of author Neil Gaiman and his series, The Sandman, which deals with bright-eyed Morpheus, creator & keeper of dreams, and his realm, The Dreaming, where all dreams dwell.”
Although performing frequently at festivals and pop culture fandom, goth/horror, & steampunk conventions, the musical menagerie is widely known for their own extravagant Vaudevillian-inspired sold-out spectacles such as ‘A Clockwork Wonderland: Through Aether & Mysterium,’ ‘Gadgets & Gobstoppers: The Twisted World of Wonka,’ and the show that shared the grandiose title of their ambitious debut album “The Great Promenade of Fools & Ghosts.” This October, Friday the 13th, fans can catch another Marquis of Vaudeville production, titled Unlucky 13, at The Church in Dallas.Presented by the band, Knotwright Lane Records, & The Church, the event is billed as a haunted helter-skelter happening. Tickets to Unlucky 13 can be found here
The band expands on their unique album release show:
“~Unlucky 13~ is a chance for you to do all the careless, calamitous things you always wished you could do without consequence, yet were too afraid of the returning wake. Defy superstition & haphazardly throw caution to the wind, yet beware the shadows, for what do we know? Don’t let the ne’er-do-wells & naysayers dissuade you from your devil-may-care destiny. The thought behind this spectacle is to collectively generate so much bad luck defying superstition that we convert it to good. After all, since the world is in such an awfully unfortunate state, what could it hurt?”
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