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TENGGER CAVALRY Reissues Early Albums with Updated Compositions

TENGGER CAVALRY Reissues Early Albums with Updated Compositions
2013’s The Expedition Reissued as Cavalry In Thousands
2014’s Ancient Call Reissued as Hymn Of The Earth
Both Available via Bandcamp Now



On Headline Tour of North America Now with INCITE
Global Music Award-winning Nomadic Mongolian folk metal group TENGGER CAVALRY recently reissued two of their earlier albums originally released in 2013 and 2014,  re-composed and instrumented. 2013’s The Expedition was reissued as Cavalry In Thousands, and 2014’s  Ancient Call was reissed as Hymn Of The Earth. Both albums are available via Bandcamp now.
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Each reissue features brand new melody compositions, vocal lines and re-recorded guitars.TENGGER CAVALRY frontman Nature Ganganbaigal states, “It has been years since I recorded the original versions of these reissue records. My life has changed a lot since then, and musically, I’ve changed too. I wanted to embrace more of the traditional music roots. I felt the original songs that I wrote years ago had the potential to be modified and improved, so I transformed the texture and melody, replacing death growling with throat singing, etc. The reissues represent the taste and status of this present moment of my life – my experiences, my emotions – bound with grassland.”  
TENGGER CAVALRY is currently on a headline tour of North America with supporting guests INCITE today! Tickets are available now at this location. See below for all confirmed tour dates.
Remaining TENGGER CAVALRY 2016 Fall Headline Dates w/ INCITE:
9/28 – Sacramento, CA @ Starlite
9/29 – Oakland, CA @ Opera House
9/30 – Portland, OR @ Ash Street Saloon
10/1 – Vancouver, BC @ Rickshaw Theater
10/2 – Bellingham, WA @ Shakedown
10/3 – Seattle, WA @ Crocodile
10/5 – Salt Lake City, UT @ Metro
10/6 – Denver, CO @ 3 Kings Tavern
10/7 – Kansas City, MO @ Riot Room
10/8 – Champaign, IL @ Hi Drive
10/9 – Chicago, IL @ Reggies
10/10 – Columbus, OH @ Rumba Cafe
10/11 – Detroit, MI @ Smalls
10/12 – Toronto, ON @ Hard Luck
10/13 – Ottawa, ON @ Mavericks
10/14 – Montreal, QC @ Foufounes
10/15 – Revere, MA @ Sammy’s Patio
In celebration of the tour, TENGGER CAVALRY recently released a new track entitled “The Struggle”. Listen via Billboard and read an interview with TENGGER CAVALRYvocalist Nature Ganganbaigal:
TENGGER CAVALRY recently released their new Mountain Side EP, which can beordered here. Mountain Side EP features re-orchestrated versions of popular tracks, as well as completely new music accented by acoustic, instrumental and remix versions. The EP also features bonus live tracks and folk recordings. TENGGER CAVALRY was recently awarded a Bronze Medal for the EP title track “Mountain Side” as part of the Global Music Awards.
A fully acoustic version of their most recent full-length release, Blood Sacrifice Shaman, is also available now. Download via Bandcamp here. Make sure to also check out the band’s official guitar tab book, featuring guitar tabs of band’s most popular songs such as “War Horse”, “Horseman” and “Hymn of the Earth”. Get your copy now via Amazon, or download digitally via iTunes.
Nature Ganganbaigal and TENGGER CAVALRY have been turning heads in the music world since the band’s inception in 2010. In 2014, Ganganbaigal released his Mongolian New Age album To Where Tengger Leads Me. The album won a bronze medal from Global Music Awards and a nomination from Hollywood Music in Media Awards. In 2015, Nature moved to New York City from China and re-located the band with brand new American members.
TENGGER CAVALRY blends the nomadic music tradition of Central Asia with heavy metal music, creating the unique music genre mentioned above, Mongolian folk metal.Nature Ganganbaigal performs multiple Mongolian nomadic instruments including Mongolian horse-head fiddle Morin Khuur, Mongolian flute, Tibetan horn, Mongolian guitar (Tovshuur) and other instruments native to the region. He is also able to sing using the ancient Mongolian singing tradition of Khoomei, also known as throat singing or overtone singing. After the release of four studio albums in Europe and United States, TENGGER CAVALRYhas become known as one of the most unique, innovative and exciting metal bands in Asia.
TENGGER CAVALRY original line-up is:
Nature Ganganbaigalperforms multiple Mongolian nomadic instruments including Mongolian fiddle Morin Khuur, Mongolian flute, Mongolian guitar (Tovshuur) and other instruments native to the region. He is also able to sing using the ancient Mongolian singing tradition of Khoomei, also known as throat singing or overtone singing.
Drummer, Josh Schifris – Josh has been drumming since the 4th grade and has been gigging fairly heavily since the age of 17. Having formed Thrashole, he has also played with Lesch Nyhan and Entropy (who are currently preparing for an LP release) as well as Tengger Cavalry. He has opened for legendary bands like Negura Bunget, Lich King and Philm.
Bass, Alex AbayevComing from a strong extreme death metal background, Alex performed with renowned metal acts such as Immortal and Cephalic Carnage. His Central Asian heritage also gives him the talent to capture the spirit of the nomadic folk.
Ethnic fiddle, Robert McLaughlinGrowing up with a close relationship with Tuva people in USA, Robert studied the Tuva fiddle Igil, Tuva throat singing and Tuva language. He is also a real shaman and practices spiritual acts.
Morin Khuur, Uljmuren is a professional Morin Khuur fiddle player from Inner Mongolia, China. He majored in Music Recording back in Beijing and formed multiple rock bands in the Beijing rock scene. He is also a professional film producer.
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